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I never ever ever deliberately throw out poems or drawings of mine. I always want to save them so I can look back at them as a record of my life. My poems and drawings are little pieces of me. When creating them, I always try to stay true to the reality of who I am and what I'm feeling. People change though, sometimes rapidly. Who I was and what I felt 7 months ago is very different from where I'm at now. Normally, I'd find that to be all the more reason to keep my stuff from that time, but lately, when I take a look in my gallery and scroll down a bit, my stomach churns. It's not the sad pieces that get to me. It's the happy ones. I'm reminded of how real the feelings I felt at the time were to me, before they proved hollow and pointless. I was so sure those feelings would never change, but they did, and now it's terrifying loving someone else because I always feel in the back of my mind like everything could change next month, and then he'll just be another dear friend I've hurt. I tell myself this time is different, and there are completely rational reasons why it actually is, but I still get scared. More importantly, the person I'm with now occasionally glances at my old poems and has noted that I say a lot of the same things to him, and it's really difficult trying to make him believe that it's more true when I say it to him. So I feel like I should leave that stuff there because it's who I was at the time, but I also really want it to go away and stop messing with who I am now. What do you guys think?


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me c:
I'm a freshman in college. I don't really have much of a life because all my time is taken up by school and color guard (if you don't know what color guard is, look it up now 'cuz it's pretty much my life), but on the rare occasion that I have some free time, I like to draw, write (mainly poetry but sometimes stories), and hang out w/ my friends on skype.

I have been diagnosed with ADD and a cognitive processing disorder, and although my dad doesn't want to let me get diagnosed for it, my mom and I are pretty sure i have OCD as well. More than anything else, it really bothers me when people confuse having a mental disorder(s) with being stupid 'cuz if you know me at all, you know that I am a massive nerd, and I mean, look at Einstein. He had all kinds of things "wrong" with his brain, but...HE WAS EINSTEIN. I can't get anything done in a timely manner, and I have trouble putting words to my thoughts, and I stammer so bad that most people lack the patience to listen to me, but if you'll give me the time to show you a little bit of what's in my head, you'll see I'm not stupid.

I'm generally considered to be nice, positive, and kinda nerdy. Even though I'm very positive I write really dark and depressing poetry sometimes, and I don't even know why. I'm alright, so please don't worry about me.

I hate when people say they suck (at anything) when they don't.

I'm often more impressed by the general concept in a piece of artwork than by the skill/talent shown in it.

I happen to have a knack for understanding people when most people don't and giving emotional support, so whoever you are, if you need to talk to someone about any sort of issue, I'll listen. Just note me. I live to help.


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